HighScope’s Active Participatory Learning
Preschool Playbook

The HighScope Educational Research Foundation, located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to the goal of equitable access to high-quality education for all young children, from birth to five years of age. The landmark Perry Preschool Study, conducted from 1962–1967 by psychologist David Weikart, in partnership with Perry Preschool principal Charles Eugene Beatty, changed the trajectory of early childhood education with its findings of the long-term positive effects of high-quality education on young children’s lives. Since HighScope’s founding in 1970 by Dr. Weikart, the foundation has worked to achieve those effects for every child by supporting the critical work of early childhood educators and caregivers through its developmentally appropriate curricula, assessment tools, and professional development programs.

In honor of HighScope’s upcoming 50th Anniversary in 2020 and in recognition of the latest Perry Preschool Study findings, which show the intergenerational benefits of high-quality early education, the foundation is pleased to team up with the Detroit Lions to promote the philosophy and benefits of HighScope’s active participatory learning approach to early childhood education. Active participatory learning — a process in which teachers and children are partners in shaping the learning experience — is at the center of the HighScope Curriculum. Active learning happens when young children pursue their own interests, initiate activities, explore ideas and materials, and have direct, hands-on learning experiences. When all the ingredients of active learning are present, children become independent, curious, creative thinkers and doers. They are confident and persistent as they carry out their intentions, solve problems, and construct new knowledge about the world around them.

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