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The effects of great teaching last a lifetime.


At HighScope, we believe that every child deserves a high-quality, equitable early childhood education. This conviction for equity is the center of our professional learning, our early childhood research, and our practice in the classroom. That’s why our professional learning supports every educator in creating positive outcomes for children and their communities.

We create strong instructional leaders

Our renowned professional learning approach helps programs across the country and around the world build capacity for sustained positive outcomes. With HighScope’s professional development, teachers gain proficiency in active learning and the inclusive approach to early education that supports every child’s individual needs and interests.

The content you need — tailored for your development.

We recognize that each program has a unique set of needs, which is why we offer a wide range of professional learning options to support you in strengthening your practice. Our courses provide thorough training for teams at all experience levels and we will work with you to find the “just right” fit so that you reach your professional learning goals.

HighScope experts are by your side to ensure you’re prepared for success.

Our team of instructors have a deep background in early education with ample classroom experience, providing you with expert guidance in classroom practice. We even travel to you! All of HighScope’s professional learning courses can be held on site at your school or program. With 50 years of experience training educators, you can feel confident that you are backed by the highest quality support in the field of early education.

Quality Coaching.

Our coaching model emphasizes growth and learning through unmatched one-on-one support. With a focus on teachers’ strengths, our highly qualified coaches observe, model, and — most importantly — build relationships.

What can you expect from your experience? A coach assesses your strengths and provides descriptive feedback to increase connections between knowledge and skills in the classroom. Working together, the teacher and coach set a shared goal and build a trusting, collaborative partnership that enhances instruction and ensures students learn at the highest levels. Coaching provides countless opportunities for the teacher and coach to gain insight, reflect, and grow.

Get Certified!

Our certification courses help to ensure superior outcomes for the children you serve. Become a source of professional guidance and declare your commitment to providing the highest quality education for young children.

Proprietary Interest Disclosure Statement

No instructor has proprietary interests in any course or course materials. In the event that a facilitator gains proprietary interest in the course or in any course materials, that interest will be promptly disclosed to all participants.

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