Program Quality Assessment

Our Program Quality Assessment (PQA) tools use proven research to measure and improve classroom and program performance.

We focus on helping programs build strong teacher-child interactions, effective learning environments, and supportive relationships with families that foster optimal child learning and development. This positive impact makes the PQA an essential tool in building a high-quality early childhood program.

Not only is the PQA designed to evaluate quality, it also aids in identifying teachers’ strengths and where there are opportunities for growth and continuous improvement. Early childhood programs rely on the PQA to ensure compliance with national standards and provide their teachers with data-driven guidance to create stimulating, nurturing, and supportive learning environments.

We assess program quality on these domains:

  • Learning environment
  • Daily routine
  • Adult-child interaction
  • Curriculum planning and assessment
  • Parent involvement and family services
  • Staff qualifications and development
  • Program management


Options to meet your program needs:

Because the PQA focuses on assessing the fundamental, research-supported elements of high program quality, it has the flexibility to be used in diverse early childhood settings.


  • Infant-Toddler PQA
  • Preschool PQA
  • Family Child Care PQA

Professional Learning

To help your program successfully transition to using HighScope’s Program Quality Assessment, we offer guided support, both in person and online. Explore your professional learning options.

Proven valid and reliable

PQA is a reliable, scientifically validated assessment that reflects research-based, field-tested best practices in early childhood education. The PQA can be used with any performance standards, including the Head Start Program Performance Standards, and as a basis for program accreditation, reporting, monitoring, and professional learning.

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