Classroom Coach

Improve the quality of your preschool classroom with Classroom Coach, a global observation measure.

Classroom Coach provides a comprehensive assessment of preschool classroom quality that offers useful information to inform program improvements, guide teacher training, and increase student outcomes. Classroom Coach includes items for family engagement, literacy, math, and more. It also includes a materials checklist to help collect information about classroom materials. Classroom Coach is available now for preschool classrooms.

Classroom Coach: Improving Preschool Classroom Quality

Classroom Coach is a new evaluation tool, available starting with the 2021–2022 school year, that assesses the quality of preschool classrooms and is compatible with all curricula. Classroom Coach reflects new science about learning and includes observation and checklist sections. Located on a familiar platform, Classroom Coach users will have a separate login from HighScope’s other assessment tools.

Classroom Coach provides:

  • A comprehensive assessment of preschool classroom quality
  • Guidance for teacher training aimed at increasing student outcomes
  • Items for family engagement, literacy, math, and more
  • An easy-to-use checklist to help collect information about classroom materials
  • A Coaching Report that helps classroom staff develop a quality improvement plan

What does Classroom Coach do?

Classroom Coach assesses physical aspects, learning opportunities, and adult-child interactions in programs and classrooms. It provides a valid and reliable assessment for use in diverse early childhood education environments.

All online subscriptions to Classroom Coach include autoscoring, built-in reporting, and friendly technical support.

Classroom Coach assesses the following dimensions:

  • Domain 1: Learning Environment
  • Domain 2: Teaching and Learning Routines and Adult-Child Interactions
  • Domain 3: Curriculum, Planning, Assessment, and Parent Engagement

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Reports available through Classroom Coach

Classroom Reports

For use by classroom staff for planning and classroom improvement efforts.

  • Classroom Report
  • Planning Report
  • Comparative Report
  • Strategy Report

Agency or Site Reports

For use by administrative staff for planning and program improvement efforts.

  • Status Report
  • Section Level Mean Scores
  • Percentage of Classrooms at Each Quality Level
  • Overall Mean Scores
  • Row Level Results Report

Classroom Coach includes new features, like the Strategy Report, designed to help classroom staff develop a quality improvement plan. To create this report, classroom staff review their scores, make decisions about which domain or subdomain to tackle first, and then select the five lowest scoring rows from that domain or subdomain. The report will generate a list of two actions per row that the classroom staff can implement that will result in raising the level of quality for each row selected. Classroom staff can then engage in an iterative cycle of choosing the next five lowest scoring rows to target for improvement throughout the school year.

Coming soon, Classroom Coach will include a:

  • School improvement guide for preschool classrooms and programs
  • Principal’s guide to understanding Classroom Coach
  • Coaching model based on Classroom Coach

Professional Learning

To help your program successfully implement Classroom Coach, we offer guided support, including a course for becoming a reliable assessor.
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Proven valid and reliable

Classroom Coach is a reliable, scientifically validated assessment that reflects research-based, field-tested best practices in early childhood education. Classroom Coach can be used with any performance standards, including the Head Start Program Performance Standards, and as a basis for program accreditation, reporting, monitoring, and professional learning.