Demonstration Preschool

Located in the heart of our campus in historic Depot Town in Ypsilanti, Michigan, the HighScope Demonstration Preschool provides high-quality education to children ages 3 to 5.

A model of active learning.

Using a child’s own interests to inspire learning isn’t something that you can get out of a box. That’s why for nearly fifty years, the HighScope Demonstration Preschool has served as a valuable resource to educators who want to view our approach in practice, in a real classroom setting.

While providing high-quality early education to local children enrolled in our program, we use our classroom to demonstrate HighScope’s active learning approach and how it’s practiced with children and families of diverse backgrounds. Educators from all over the world visit the Demonstration Preschool to observe and learn from our proven approach.

What does that mean for children who attend HighScope’s Demonstration Preschool? It means that each child receives the highest quality early education from teachers who are experts in our active learning approach. Here, children spend their days exploring materials and opportunities that both support and challenge them. Teachers play an active and intentional role in guiding and extending children’s learning based on what they observe in the classroom — constructing purposeful activities based on children’s individual interests, choices, and development.

Simply put, our preschoolers have joyful and meaningful learning experiences that prepare them for school and for life.

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Demonstrations are held in a separate observation room overlooking the preschool classroom and are moderated by a knowledgeable early childhood specialist who explains the actions and activities taking place throughout the day, facilitates conversations, and answers questions.

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We help children achieve school readiness in all areas of academic and social learning by providing high-quality education to children ages 3 to 5. Using the acclaimed HighScope Preschool Curriculum as the foundation for children’s activities and daily routine, children thrive in our developmentally appropriate learning environment and become confident, successful, lifelong learners. This full-day preschool is located in the heart of our campus in historic Depot Town in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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