Services We Provide

We are committed to helping the field understand what leads to children’s success today and throughout their adult lives.

By partnering with community-based programs, higher education institutions, and philanthropic organizations — we conduct research that produces the strongest, most actionable evidence related to early care and education practices and policies.

Our Researchers:

  • Evaluate early childhood initiatives for evidence of educational effectiveness
  • Provide ongoing consultation to local, state, national, and international agencies and individuals responsible for developing early childhood evaluation systems
  • Assist policymakers and stakeholders with the evidence required to make informed decisions on early childhood policy and practice
  • Validate early childhood curricula and pedagogical approaches
  • Develop and validate tools to assess child development and overall program quality

Our services will help you understand how you are benefiting children, families, and communities in order to demonstrate impact to your funders.

Evaluations Designed to Meet Your Goals.

Logic Model Development

We help you identify your Theory of Change and represent it graphically as a logic model. Or, we provide feedback and recommendations for revising an existing logic model.

Measurement, Assessment, and Data Interpretation

From developing and customizing instruments for data collection in pursuit of your measurement goals, to offering expert guidance on how to use the instruments to interpret the results — we are experts in determining the right tools to measure your program’s implementation, performance, and impact.

Analysis and Reporting

We help analyze and interpret your data and prepare effective reports and/or presentations catered to your needs and audience.

Survey Design and Implementation

We have years of experience designing surveys that capture the right information a program needs to create an improvement plan or to evaluate its impact.

Data Management

We help you choose the optimum data management system and we provide consultation on its design and customization.