Who We Are

Leaders in early childhood education for over 50 years.

HighScope is on a mission to close the opportunity gap through high-quality early childhood education.

We are committed to equity

At HighScope, we believe that every child deserves a high-quality, equitable early childhood education. This conviction for equity is the center of our early childhood research and what we practice in the classroom. We care deeply about the people we serve. That’s why we are dedicated to providing an early childhood education that supports every child and every community.


To close the opportunity gap through high-quality early childhood education.


A world where every child has the opportunity to realize their full potential, regardless of their circumstances. At HighScope, we believe that high-quality early education has the power to change the trajectory of the world, one child at a time.


We’re creating strong instructional leaders across the country and around the world — helping programs build capacity for sustained positive outcomes and ensuring every teacher is supported and every child can thrive.  How do we do it? We work side-by-side with teachers and programs studying classroom practice and child outcomes. Then, we bring the best of that research as evidence to support local, state, and national policies that advance the field of early childhood education. Our research defines best practices in early education and we use that knowledge to design HighScope products and services that empower early educators and ensure young children receive a high-quality education.


Research proves that high-quality early education improves a child’s chances for long-term success and that the positive impact of high-quality early education goes beyond the child to improve the lives of future generations. Children who receive high-quality early education compared to those who do not:

  • Are more prepared for school
  • Are more emotionally mature and self-regulated
  • Have higher graduation rates and college attendance
  • Have more stable employment and higher salaries
  • Create more stable home environments for children
  • Are healthier adults
  • Are more civically-engaged

For Over 50 years

HighScope has led the movement to close the opportunity gap through high-quality early education. Join the movement. Together we can empower educators, lift families, and prepare our youngest for school and for life.

Our Values

HighScope’s work over the past 50 years has evolved to best serve the needs of educators, policymakers, families, and communities. But our values have remained constant.

Our History

Built by visionary leaders dedicated to the long view, HighScope has a deep history of working to ensure that all children have the best chance at lifelong success.

Our People

We are a diverse team of researchers, educators, and passionate professionals.