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Child Assessment

We believe that authentic, observation-based assessment is the most effective approach to early childhood assessment because it paints an accurate picture of children’s development and learning. That’s why our child assessment tools are designed to help teachers capture and analyze each day’s play-based learning and translate those observations into targeted and individualized support and instruction that results in positive child outcomes.

Options to meet your program needs:

COR Advantage guides the teacher to support child development from birth through age six.

COR for Kindergarten measures kindergarten readiness at entry and achievement of national standards throughout the kindergarten year.

Program Quality Assessment

A high-quality early childhood program sets children on the trajectory to future success. Our Program Quality Assessment (PQA) tool uses proven research to measure and improve classroom and program performance. We focus on supporting optimal child learning and development by helping programs build strong teacher-child interactions and engaging learning environments.

Options to meet your program needs:

Infant-Toddler PQA

Preschool PQA-R

Family Child Care PQA

HighScope Curriculum and Quality Tool

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