Online Training

How do your online courses work?

The first week of training is “Welcome Week,” which is simply a time for participants to create their accounts, learn how to login, and get familiar with the online portal. During Welcome Week, participants are able to download the syllabus and post an introduction about themselves.

The second week of training is the first “official” week; this week kicks things off and all of the other weeks follow the same pattern. The course facilitator will post the assignment on Monday, and participants will have until Thursday to download the work, complete it, and re-post anything necessary in the online portal. There is a separate response piece that has to be completed by the following Tuesday. This gives participants a lot of flexibility in regards to login time as well as time spent to work on assignments. There are no set time frames in which participants must be logged in.

Following successful completion of the course, participants are able to download and print a course certificate. All participants will receive HighScope CEUs for the course (this will be placed on their HighScope transcript), and eligible Michigan participants can receive SCECHs.

Do I have to be logged in at certain times?

Participants in HighScope online training courses have no specific times when they must be logged in to the online training portal. Instead, course guidelines are provided in the corresponding syllabus, which is downloaded during the first week of class.  See “How do your online training courses work?” for more information.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the course?

All participants who successfully complete their online training course are able to download a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Can I receive CEUs for the course?

Yes! Following successful course completion, all participants have the course added to their HighScope transcript, which will will show the amount of HighScope CEUs awarded for the class.

Can I receive SCECHs for the course?

Yes! All of the HighScope online training courses are approved for SCECHs through the Michigan Department of Education. 

How do I register for training?

Please visit our online training page to see a full listing of courses, and then visit the HighScope Store to complete your registration. 

I did not receive my welcome email.

We apologize for the mistake. Please call Educational Services at 734.485.2000 Ext. 318 so that we can resolve the issue. 

I am having trouble logging in to my online training.

We are here to support you! Your welcome email will contain contact information should you need any technological troubleshooting support. You can also call 734.485.2000 at any time.

I registered for an online training. What's next? 

Once you complete your online registration, materials will be mailed to you (if applicable) and you will receive a detailed welcome email containing instructions and next steps on the Friday before the course begins. (Be sure to check your spam folder.)

What are my payment options?

HighScope offers a variety of payment options for your convenience. When completing your online training registration in the HighScope Store, you can pay with a credit card, HighScope gift certificate, or purchase order.

What are my options to cancel my online training course?

HighScope will grant refunds (minus the cost of student materials) to students only if they withdraw from the course prior to its start. Otherwise, we do understand that life happens, so please contact us to discuss your situation and further options.

In-Person Training

I do not live in Michigan. What are my options for training?

HighScope conducts trainings around the world and has options for everyone. From one-day courses that delve into specific aspects of the HighScope approach to multiweek courses that prepare you to implement entire curricula, our courses are a great way to truly develop your knowledge and skills. We also offer online training courses that cover a wide variety of topics. Our online trainings take place within an interactive community of teachers, caregivers, and trainers. Contact our Curriculum and Training Specialists, Nan Farley (734.485.2000 Ext 224) and Elizabeth Spisich (734.485.2000 Ext 268), to discuss the ideal training option for your site.

What sets HighScope trainings apart from other professional development opportunities?

What differentiates one training program from another and one provider from another? Before investing time and effort in professional development, it’s important to compare and evaluate programs. With that in mind, here are some of the major characteristics of the HighScope approach to training.

1. In HighScope training programs, participants engage in hands-on learning through small- and large-group activities. In the case of longer courses, in the weeks between sessions, they practice implementing what they have learned.

2. Participants receive resource materials in the form of texts, DVDs or CDs, and study guides to support their learning and sustain their progress.

3. Participants develop a working knowledge of the particular area of the HighScope Curriculum they are studying by completing the reading and writing assignments, implementing the approach in their training classrooms, and studying class-related materials.

4. A training event offered by HighScope will always be presented by Certified HighScope Trainers who are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in teacher training and curriculum implementation. Although services may vary somewhat with each training program, they typically include:

  • Providing workshops on curriculum and training topics.
  • Conducting observation and feedback at participants’ training sites.
  • Evaluating written assignments according to standard criteria.
  • Communicating with agency administrators as needed.
  • Providing a book and media library (when applicable).

5. Agency administrators are crucial to the success of the training experience and subsequent implementation of the HighScope Curriculum at their agencies. Administrators can contribute to the success of the training by:

  • Arranging for adequate release time for participants to attend training.
  • Providing time and encouragement for participants to study course materials and complete assignments.
  • Allocating time and resources for participants to implement the curriculum or train other staff members during the weeks between training sessions.
  • Communicating with the HighScope consultant as needed.

6. The way participants approach the training is key to what they are able to learn. At HighScope, we strive to make our training active and meaningful for every person in attendance. If participants approach the experience with an open mind and fully participate in the activities, we know they will leave with valuable new knowledge that will be useful in their daily work.

What is the timeframe to complete a PCC or ITCC? 

PCCs and ITCCs provided at the HighScope Foundation in Ypsilanti, Michigan, are conducted over the course of two summers. PCCs and ITCCs contracted by outside agencies can often be conducted over the course of six months to a year.

I purchased the curriculum. Does this package come with training?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. For more information on our professional learning opportunities, please visit

What are my payment options for training courses?

Trainings contracted by your agency will have the option of paying with wire transfers, credit card, or check. Please note: Face-to-face trainings contracted by an agency will not be invoiced until after the training has completed.

I registered for a face-to-face training course at the HighScope Foundation. What's next?

Once you complete your registration to join us for our summer training series, we take care of the rest for you! Participants will receive a detailed welcome message containing instructions via email one to two weeks before the course begins (be sure to check your spam folder). Materials will be provided to you at your training course. Participants are responsible for providing all of their own travel and accommodations.

Do you have recommendations about where to stay during my training course?

Attending a training at HighScope's headquarters in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is a special experience. Recommended hotels are listed below.



Can I earn professional education credits for HighScope training from the state that I reside in?

HighScope currently has most of its trainings approved for state continuing education clock hours (SCECHs) in the state of Michigan (see also “How do I know if my course is approved for SCECHs?” below). If you do not reside in Michigan, you will receive HighScope continuing education units (CEUs) upon successful completion of training. Eligible Michigan residents will receive both SCECHs and CEUs upon completion of training.

What are HighScope CEUs, and how do I obtain them?

HighScope CEUs are continuing education units that are provided to all participants who have completed our face-to-face and online training courses. Training participants can request a copy of their HighScope transcript at any time to see their current number of HighScope CEUs. See also “How do I obtain a copy of my HighScope transcript?” below.

How do I know if my course is approved for SCECHs?

All of HighScope’s online training courses and face-to-face trainings conducted at the HighScope Foundation during the summer are approved for state continuing education clock hours (SCECHs) through the Michigan Department of Education. Please visit the following link to search the Michigan Department of Education’s approved course listing:

What is the process for obtaining SCECHs for approved courses through HighScope?

The Michigan Department of Education has varying requirements for our offerings depending on the method in which the course is conducted. Online training participants will be provided requirements via email during the “welcome week” of the course. Face-to-face training participants will be provided information at the start of their training and must turn in required documents before leaving the training. For more information, please contact HighScope’s SCECH Coordinator, Elizabeth Spisich, [ES1] at 734.485.2000 Ext 268 or [email protected].

Can I earn CDA credit by taking HighScope Training?

The HighScope Preschool Curriculum Course or Infant-Toddler Curriculum Course fully satisfy the 120-hour professional learning requirement of the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. Those who complete the course requirements receive a certificate from HighScope that can be included in the application packet that the Council for Professional Recognition requires. Click here to see the letter from the Council certifying HighScope's CDA status.

How do I obtain a copy of my HighScope transcript?

Please contact Anthony Nielsen, HighScope’s Data Coordinator, at 734.485.2000 Ext 272 or [email protected].

How can I see my current number of SCECHs?

Please visit the following link to log in to your MOECS account:

I am not sure whether or not I am eligible for SCECHs. How can I find out?

For more information on the Michigan Department of Education’s SCECH requirements, please visit:,4615,7-140-5683_57223---,00.html.