Mary Delcamp

Research Assistant II

800.587.5639 Ext 212

[email protected]

For Mary Delcamp it is all about the data. Her work involves collecting, downloading, organizing, checking in, quality checking and entry of child assessments data, classroom assessment data, and surveys for various evaluations the CEEE conducts. In addition, Mary collects data, both child assessments often done in the fall again in the spring and classroom level data using several instruments including HighScope’s family of PQAs, ITPQA, YPQA, Preschool PQA, and the FCC PQA . Both classroom assessment and child assessment involves visiting classrooms and using various measures, sometime interviewing the teacher and with child assessment, working with children one on one.

Collecting data across projects involves an ever growing assortment of options such as online surveys, Dropbox, and Box, or similar cloud options, as well as more conventional methods like voice to voice contact on the phone, fax or by FedEx or US mail.

Over the past 20 years Mary has worked on many projects, GSRP evaluation, Head Start evaluations, Numbers Plus, Parent as Teachers and COR for K. In the recent past she collected crime data for the Perry 50 Year Follow-up and helped to redact all the scanned Perry data.