Gloria Corral-Terrazas


Gloria Corral-Terrazas serves as Assistant Executive Director at First 5 San Diego, where she oversees San Diego County’s Quality Early Learning efforts for the First 5 San Diego Commission, along with other initiatives for children 0–5 and their families. She has been working in early learning for the past 14 years in policy, program, and advocacy. During her tenure as Deputy Director at First 5 San Francisco, she launched the first universal preschool for all effort in the state.

Ms. Corral-Terrazas’ background in K–12 and higher education spans almost 20 years and includes work at the US Department of Education and both houses of Congress. Her extensive knowledge of system integration comes both from a policy and programmatic perspective gained over years of working with state departments of education as well as small and large school districts. She holds an undergraduate degree from University of California, San Diego, and a master’s degree from University of California, Berkeley.

Ms. Corral-Terrazas is the parent of two vivacious boys, Diego Emilio and Gael Antonio, who test her theoretical knowledge of early learning every day.