Head Start Alignment

At HighScope, we believe that your children deserve a high-quality, equitable early education.

Head Start and HighScope: A Shared Vision

HighScope and Head Start share a similar commitment to high-quality early education that changes the lives of children and families. Head Start programs that use the HighScope Curriculum — and its related reporting and assessment instruments — find that they are better able to meet the mandates of the Head Start Performance Standards (HSPS) and deliver effective early education to the children and families they serve.

Components of HighScope’s Educational Model are Highly Compatible with the HSPS

Indicators from HighScope’s program assessment instrument, the Preschool PQA, align closely with many of the items in the HSPS. 

HighScope’s child assessment instrument, COR Advantage, may be used to generate reports in terms of the Head Start Outcomes framework. A Head Start report-generating function is built into online versions of COR Advantage. This automated feature makes it easy for the user to create reports at the class, site, or program level.


Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (2015) Aligned With COR Advantage

Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (2015) Aligned With HighScope’s Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs)