Real Science In Preschool – Here, There, and Everywhere


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Wondering how to “do science” with preschoolers? This book shows you how authentic, hands-on science learning takes place every day throughout the classroom as well as outdoors. You’ll learn to recognize and support the six behaviors that are part of the preschool scientific method (observing, classifying, experimenting, predicting, drawing conclusions, and communicating ideas) that you’ll see in all types of children’s play. Introductory chapters provide an overview of early science learning and supportive adult-child interactions, while later chapters take you on a tour of classroom interest areas to find the science learning going on there and to consider strategies and materials that encourage children’s ideas. Also includes information on creating science-related group-time activities based on children’s interests and templates for developing your own group-time activities.

Author: P. Neill
Soft cover, photos, approx. 170 pages


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