Let’s Read It Again! Interactive Read-Alouds


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“Let’s read it again!” If you’re a preschool teacher, you’ve undoubtedly heard this phrase more than once and perhaps have wondered, “Again? Really?” In fact, research shows that multiple readings of the same book support the development of children’s comprehension, vocabulary, and other critical literacy skills. Let’s Read It Again! Interactive Read-Alouds gives you the tools and strategies you need so that you can enthusiastically read that favorite book again and again, making each read-aloud an interactive and engaging literacy experience for both you and the children.

Let’s Read It Again! includes lesson plans for multiple readings of 20 high-quality children’s books — a carefully curated selection of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry texts — and a teacher’s guide to support classroom practice. As part of a comprehensive language and literacy curriculum, these thoughtfully planned read-aloud experiences will increase young children’s critical literacy skills and put your preschoolers on the path to become lifelong readers! Sample Pages Read-Alouds Sample Pages Teachers Guide

Each booklet in Let’s Read It Again! comprises multiple read-aloud activities, with a specific literacy focus, for repeated readings of each book. In addition, each activity includes vocabulary words from the text with child-friendly definitions, suggested stopping points for teachers, and ideas for what they might say to engage children in the reading process to support children’s comprehension skills.