Lesson Plans for the First 30 Days – Getting Started With HighScope


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This book provides teachers with 30 days of ready-to-use HighScope lesson plans right at their fingertips! Even teachers experienced with HighScope will find this book a reliable source of new ideas for the classroom. Lesson Plans for the First 30 Days contains six weeks of user-friendly plans that build on children’s developing skills and model the HighScope active learning approach. Each lesson plan includes activities for greeting time, small- and large-group times, as well as Plan-Do-Review®. A majority of these plans offer additional follow-up ideas, outside time suggestions, meal conversation tips, and ways to promote family engagement. Also included with this book is a specific selection of HighScope music complete with guidelines for using the music at large-group times, cleanup times, and other parts of the daily routine.

Author(s): B Marshall with S. Lockhart & M Fewson
Soft cover, 184 pages, music included


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