Rhythmically Moving CD #4


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Help the children in your program develop physical and cognitive skills that benefit learning across the curriculum, such as physical coordination, concentration, and the ability to process information and act on it. These recordings also provide opportunities for steady beat competence, dance experiences, creative movement, exercise routines, listening skill development, and instrument identification. CDs can be purchased individually, and they are also sold as a set of nine to provide a wealth of music to enhance your program. This CD includes high-quality, age-appropriate instrumental music selections that provide a rich musical background for movement activities.

Song List:
Mecho! Hagat
Spanish Coffee
Hora Pe Gheata
Apat Apat
Sneaky Snake
Ersko Kolo
Zemer Atik
California Strut
Toi Nergis
Hole in the Wall
Bekendorfer Quadrille
Hava Nagila
Hineh Ma Tov

P. S. Weikart, creative director; performed by Gemini