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HighScope began under the visionary guidance of our founder, psychologist David Weikart, who believed that a high-quality education could have a positive impact on children and the communities where they live.

Together we can build brighter futures.

The Perry Preschool Project was the first, long-term, cost-benefit analysis to demonstrate a significant rate of return of investment in early childhood education. This landmark study — conducted by HighScope’s founder Dr. Weikart in partnership with pioneering Ypsilanti principal Charles E. Beatty, Sr. — paved the way for national policy changes and new program initiatives like Head Start. Since the groundbreaking Perry Preschool Project, the HighScope Educational Research Foundation has been recognized for its bold, innovative approach to advocating for access to high-quality, equitable, early childhood education for all children.

Preserving HighScope’s innovative research and development that has shaped the field of early education for nearly 50 years is essential. With the generosity from donors like you — and hundreds of public and private foundations, and donors throughout the world — HighScope continues to make a difference in the lives of children, their families, and communities. With your investment, HighScope’s legacy will extend far into the future. We look forward to building a partnership with you that empowers educators, lifts families, informs policymakers, and prepares our youngest for school and for life.

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