Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative

The Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative (ELNC) is a nonprofit organization that is vested in changing the current reality of vulnerable children by implementing an intentional preschool service system aimed at providing, expanding, and sustaining the capacity of high-quality early care and education programs in the vulnerable neighborhoods of Grand Rapids, Michigan. HighScope and ELNC have been working together since September 2016 to evaluate the effects of ELNC’s preschool designed for three-year-olds on the 2016–2017 cohort.

Project Staff

Dr. Iheoma U. Iruka is the Chief Research Innovation Officer and Director of the Center for Early Education Research & Evaluation at HighScope.

Iheoma U. Iruka

Chief Research Innovation Officer & CEERE Director

Beth Hardin

Research Coordinator

Fernando Andrade-Adaniya

Senior Research Scientist/Methodologist