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Small-Group Time for Active Learners DVD


ISBN : 978-1-57379-736-8

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Small-group times for active learners brings children and adults together in consistent groupings for hands-on activities based on children’s interests and developmental levels. This part of the daily routine gives children a chance to explore a diverse range of ideas and materials in a safe environment with a supportive adult. As you watch this program you will see a wide variety of small-group-time activities and the strategies teachers use to support and build on children’s learning.

Part 1 of this program is an overview of small-group time.

Part 2 shows two unnarrated, extended classroom examples; in this section you will see a HighScope teacher introducing small-group activities to the children in the classroom and participating with the children using a variety of adult-child interaction strategies.

43 minutes (2 discs), English and Spanish subtitles, viewer guide included


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