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Moving With Purpose – 54 Activities for Learning, Fitness, and Fun


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Explore movement skills and activities right along with the children in your classroom! Whether you are a classroom teacher or a physical education teacher, this book shows how you can help children in grades K–5 be purposeful and creative in their movements throughout the daily schedule. Using the engaging activities found in this book, adults work as partners with children, encouraging them to think about, explore and discuss movements that lead to specific skills such as jumping, dancing, and swinging a bat, among many others.

Introductory chapters discuss strategies for getting students involved and teaching basic movement skills, based on the Education Through Movement model developed by Phyllis S. Weikart. This book also includes a glossary of movement terms, a CD of music selections, and suggested activities to go along with those selections.

Author(s): K. Sawyers with E. Colley and L. Icaza
Soft cover, photos, 196 pages includes music CD


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