Family Child Care Program Quality Assessment Form


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The Family Child Care PQA is a validated instrument designed to measure the quality of family child care programs and identify provider training needs. It consists of standards for best practices that can be scored by outside raters or used as a self-assessment tool by providers. This manual provides an overview of the Family Child Care PQA, instructions for administering it, and a description of the research-validated instrument.
The Family Child Care PQA is appropriate for use in all family child care homes, both family care (smaller) and group care (larger settings) and has the following features:

  • Assesses key aspects of program quality, including daily schedule, learning environment, provider-child interaction, and safety and health.
  • May be administered by trained, independent raters or as a self-assessment by family child care providers.
  • Provides specific, easy-to-understand quality indicators with objective five-point rating scales that define quality on a continuum.
  • Reflects research-based and field-tested best practices in child development.
  • Provides reliable, scientifically validated assessment proven in a range of settings.
  • Can be used as a basis for program accreditation, reporting, monitoring, and training.

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