Engaging Young Learners With Special Needs


ISBN : 978-1-57379-702-3

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This two-part DVD (98 minutes) describes how HighScope’s active participatory learning model of early education provides inclusive experiences for children with and without disabilities, allowing children at all levels to succeed.

Part 1 of this program (39 minutes) demonstrates how active learning principles, the learning environment, the daily routine, and team planning with specialists help teachers individualize instruction for all young learners.

Part 2 (59 minutes) demonstrates how teachers can embed learning opportunities into all components of the daily routine. Viewers will see examples of teachers using adaptations and supports to allow each child to develop skills in key curriculum content areas and actively participate in the daily routine.

The DVD is illustrated throughout with unstaged adult-child interactions involving children with special needs as well as typically developing children. Classrooms from five diverse preschool settings are shown in the video.

Color, 98 minutes (2 DVDs), Spanish subtitles, closed captioned, viewer guide included.


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