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COR for Kindergarten


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COR for Kindergarten is organized into five domains:

Literacy and Language
Health and Physical Development
Approaches to Learning
Social and Emotional Development

COR for Kindergarten comprises the Kindergarten Entry Record (KER), the Ongoing Record (OR), and a progress-monitoring tool.

  • The KER is an observation-based assessment administered during the first few months of school that measures what a child knows and can do at kindergarten entry across five domains.
  • The Ongoing Record (OR) is an observation-based assessment that measures the same five domains and consists of the 20 KER items and 10 additional items that kindergarten teachers and experts identified as useful to track throughout the kindergarten year. The OR measures attainment of end-of-year kindergarten standards.
  • The progress-monitoring tools can be used by teachers to monitor the growth of children who need additional support to attain the end-of-year kindergarten standards.



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