Letter Links Online 1-Year License


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We are so excited to announce Letter Links® is moving to a new online platform!!

All subscriptions purchased on or after August 17th 2023 will be transitioned to the Letter Links® – Powered by HighScope platform as a part of HighScope Virtual CAMPUS

**If your existing Letter Links account contains data that you would like to retain, please export that data from your account before your existing subscription expires. Once your current subscription expires, all data stored on your current account will be lost.**

This one-year subscription to Letter Links Online complements both the English and Spanish editions. Our preschool and infant-toddler letter links books offer strategies and activities that can be used by teachers, caregivers, and families to personalize literacy learning — and make it fun! With more than 250 letter-links images available, you can create, save, and print various sizes and combinations of nametags to support children’s alphabetic knowledge and vocabulary development throughout the daily routine and even at home.


Please allow 48-72 hours (regular business hours) for account to be set up.

This is for the Program License Only — 1 year access for a classroom (Two class lists of 30 students each).

Online access only.