Daily Schedules and Caregiving Routines DVD


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Eating, napping, playing, exploring objects and people — all infants and toddlers do these things but have varying personal routines from day to day. When caregivers provide consistent but flexible daily schedules and caregiving support, they let children know their needs are met, freeing the children to investigate their world.

  • Part 1 of this program gives you an overview of an infant-toddler daily schedule that includes arrivals and departures, group times, feedings and mealtimes, personal care times, and choice time.
  • Part 2 offers strategies for creating a daily schedule that is stable yet flexible enough to meet young children’s needs.
  • Part 3 shows caregivers supporting children throughout the daily schedule in a series of unnarrated scenes from authentic HighScope settings.

Color, 90 minutes, viewer guide included with Spanish subtitles and English closed captions


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