Storybook Talk – Conversations for Comprehension


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Let’s read it again! If you are a teacher or parent, this is a phrase you are likely to hear often when reading with preschoolers, and it may make you wonder how you can possibly read the story one more time with energy and enthusiasm. Storybook Talk shows you how to make reading a story over and over engaging and compelling for adults and children alike while building comprehension skills that will serve children for a lifetime. Research shows that conversation during story reading helps children engage with text, make sense of it, and connect events and ideas into a coherent story or line of thought. This book offers guidance on storybook selection and analysis and provides strategies for interactive reading that will improve children’s comprehension in the key areas of vocabulary, connection, retelling, and prediction.

This book includes:

  • Background on how children’s comprehension develops
  • Discussion of story selection and analysis, with attention to illustrations, works, setting, and story structure
  • 63 strategies for story reading that build children’s vocabulary as well as their ability to connect with stores, retell the, and predict what happens next

Author(s): M. Hohmann & K. Adams
Soft cover, photos, 66 pages