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COR Advantage Scoring Guide

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The Florida Department of Education Office of Early Learning has selected HighScope as an approved curriculum and assessment provider for School Readiness.

Note: Only the approved materials listed below may be submitted for possible reimbursement. The newly released HighScope Preschool Curriculum Kit is NOT ELIGIBLE for reimbursement under the terms of the 2018 Approved Curriculum Package.

COR Advantage is designed for teacher and child success. Based on 34 items that are proven by research to best prepare children for later schooling, COR Advantage has the fewest items of any early childhood assessment, keeping the instructional day focused on what is most important — including children’s own interests and explorations.

COR Advantage is criterion referenced, research based, and proven valid and reliable through rigorous validation studies. COR can be used with children birth to age six, including children who are English Language Learners and those with special needs.

Included resources:

  • COR Advantage Subscription (you will be contacted by COR Advantage staff to set up and pay for your subscription separately)
  • COR Advantage Desk Reference (English)
  • COR Advantage Scoring Guide (English)
  • COR Advantage Webinar