Educators in a position of leadership provide tremendous support to their colleagues by providing staff development and establishing program policies. In order for programs to sustain the HighScope Curriculum, staff can participate in the Training of Trainers (ToT) Course and fulfill the requirements associated with this course. Those who complete the ToT and its associated requirements (see below) receive the credential of HighScope Certified Trainer. HighScope Certified Trainers help maintain the high teaching standards associated with the HighScope Curriculum by delivering workshops and providing observation and feedback and mentoring services to their colleagues/agency.

Below you will find the steps to become a HighScope Certified Trainer:

  • Complete the Preschool Curriculum Course (PCC) or Infant-Toddler Curriculum Course (ITCC).
  • Establish a training classroom where mentoring and leadership are exhibited.
  • Conduct workshops and practice teaching.
  • Observe children and teachers working together and provide feedback to staff.
  • Advise agency administrators of their progress in completing the course.
  • Maintain a journal of training performed and anecdotes pertaining to those activities.

Once trainer certification is achieved, the credential is active for a period of three years. To remain active, trainers are asked to:

  • Continue their professional development in early childhood education and with HighScope.
  • Conduct training and provide support for teachers and maintain records of services provided.
  • Provide outreach to the early childhood education community (e.g., presenting a conference session based on the HighScope Curriculum at national, state, and local early childhood conferences).

Are you a trainer that is looking for recertification? Visit our Recertification page.

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