Teachers who are devoted to providing high-quality experiences while implementing the HighScope Curriculum are encouraged to apply for teacher certification. The certification process, conducted by HighScope, recognizes teachers whose practice reflects a high degree of knowledge about child development and skill in implementing the HighScope educational approach and curriculum. Achieving HighScope teacher certification indicates that your students receive some of the very best instruction available in early childhood education.

As a HighScope Certified Teacher, others will know that you have achieved a professional standard that will result in superior outcomes for the children you serve. They will know that your implementation of the highly respected HighScope Curriculum has passed rigorous review and you have achieved excellence. Below are the steps to become a HighScope Certified Teacher.

  • Complete the Preschool Curriculum Course (PCC) or Infant-Toddler Curriculum Course (ITCC) or have equivalent training.
  • Demonstrate high-quality program implementation — Teachers must be observed and rated by a HighScope Certified Trainer using the Program Quality Assessment (PQA). To be certified, a teacher must achieve a rating of 4 or above (out of 5) on all the certification scales and have an average rating of at least 4.5 on the PQA.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and use of COR Advantage — Teachers must use COR Advantage to observe and rate two children for a period of three months. They must submit a full set of anecdotal notes and a completed COR Advantage assessment for each child.
  • Present daily plans — Teachers must complete an actual plan on their own daily team planning form (lesson plan) and a team planning narrative explaining how the teaching team uses their form to plan based on children's interests and development and the HighScope key developmental indicators (KDIs).
  • Provide a professional development narrative — Teachers must explain how they reached their current level of expertise, including participation in the HighScope PCC or ITCC or equivalent training.
  • Provide a current government license or certificate, such as a teaching certificate or a copy of your degree, transcript, diploma, or GED from the school, college, or training program you've attended (not the license for your school building).
  • Complete an application form, submit it with PQA documentation, other supporting documents, and a $55 processing fee to HighScope (before submitting, be sure to make copies of your application and all supporting documents for your own records).

Infant-Toddler Application Preschool


HighScope teacher certification lasts for three years. The standards and forms for recertification are the same as for initial certification. When you meet the standards, you are qualified to identify yourself as a HighScope Certified Teacher. Each HighScope Certified Teacher receives a certificate acknowledging his/her status as a HighScope Certified Teacher.


If you have questions, please visit our Professional Learning contact page.