HighScope Roundtable

A series of important conversations about topics currently facing early childhood educators.



The HighScope Roundtable is a virtual series in which we engage in thoughtful conversations about important topics currently facing early childhood educators. Registration is free and encouraged. A certificate of attendance will be emailed to registered participants who attend the live roundtable event. Educators can download a PDF certificate verifying professional development credit.

Roundtable conversations will be recorded and made available after the event. Watch recordings of previous roundtable conversations on The Playground.



Join us for a new book study!

Segregation by Experience

Agency, Racism, and Learning in the Early Grades


The latest HighScope Roundtable series, inspired by the book Segregation by Experience: Agency, Racism, and Learning in the Early Grades (2021, University of Chicago Press) will delve into a groundbreaking study on equity and agency in the early childhood classroom. Over the course of eight sessions, authors, panelists, and thought leaders will invite participants to accompany them on a journey toward understanding the effects of injustice on young learners and how to build classroom spaces that promote all children’s social-emotional growth.

Segregation By Experience cover

AUGUST 18, 2021

Inequity in Early Childhood Education

AUGUST 18, 2021  |  2:00PM ET

At the first Roundtable, the authors (Jennifer Keys Adair & Kiyomi Sánchez-Suzuki Colegrove) will share the story of their eight-year research process and explain why they were compelled to write their book. They will talk about the year they worked in Ms. Bailey’s classroom and documented the thousands of ways young children used their agency to learn and develop. The authors will discuss the role of agency in young children’s development as well as Charles Mill’s writings on the Racial Contract. They will draw upon many Black and Indigenous scholars who demonstrate how children of color are denied or must earn what most white children receive without effort. This session will be moderated by Fabienne Doucet.

Segregation By Experience cover

SEPT 15, 2021

How Agency Helps Children Learn

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021  |  2:00PM ET

This second session explores how children’s agency impacts how and what young children learn. The session will be led by Ms. Bailey, the teacher featured in Segregation by Experience, and two additional early childhood educators who have been featured in Dr. Adair’s agency research. Panelists will give firsthand accounts of offering young children agency in classrooms and what they notice about young children when they increase their agency. This session focuses on the dynamic, active, and agency-supportive learning experiences young children got to have in Ms. Bailey’s classroom. They moved around, talked to one another often, and used their initiative because they had the space and time to do so. They made lots of decisions about what and how they learned. The opportunity to move around, talk to one another, notice new things, contribute effort, and share ideas led to a range of developed and practiced capabilities across social and academic domains. This session will include video examples from the panelists’ classrooms. 

Segregation By Experience cover

OCT 20, 2021

Educators’ Ideas about Teaching and Learning With Diverse Communities

OCTOBER 20, 2021  |  2:00PM ET
Segregation By Experience cover

NOV 17, 2021

Working With Communities and Families in Early Childhood Education

NOVEMBER 17, 2021  |  2:00PM ET