As a HighScope Accredited Program, you are telling your community that you have put time, effort, and money into making sure that your program is of the highest quality and that your program is a place where children will experience a consistent, effective learning experience that will help them better prepare for school and beyond. It will be an indication to families in your community that you strive for professional excellence and deliver on your promise of a high-quality experience for all the children you serve.

A program that meets the standards is qualified to identify itself as a HighScope Accredited Program and to operate as a HighScope Demonstration Program in the area(s) in which it received curriculum endorsement (e.g., infant-toddler, preschool). Each HighScope Accredited Program receives a certificate acknowledging its status as a HighScope Accredited Program. Below you will find the standards for becoming a HighScope Accredited Program.

  • All lead teachers must be HighScope Certified Teachers.
  • Your program has an average score of 4.0 or higher on the Program Quality Assessment Form B — Sections V through VII administered by a HighScope Certified Trainer. (HighScope requires that the PQA be administered by a HighScope Certified Trainer contracted through the HighScope Foundation.)
  • Your program has a current government license or certificate.
  • Submission of a $65 processing fee together with the application form, PQA, and supporting documentation to HighScope.

A HighScope program accreditation lasts for three years. The standards and forms for reaccreditation are the same as for initial accreditation.

Interested? Download the application form.