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ISBN : 978-1-57379-296-7 (Book)

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Letter Links is a literacy learning tool that builds on children’s natural interest in reading and writing their own names. Each child’s name is paired with an image for a work that has the same first sound as his or her name – the name and image together are called a letter link. As they use letter links throughout the classroom day, children learn the alphabetic principle and develop phonological awareness and other literacy abilities. Our letter links resources provide reproducible letter links images, teaching strategies and a summary of the research behind this approach. Also included are 25 fun-filled learning activities.
The online portion includes numerous tools to help teachers make the Letter Links experience even more effective. Individual, renewable two-year subscription for each classroom.

Author(s): A. DeBruin-Parecki & M. Hohman
Soft cover, illustrated, 100 pages and two-year online subscription.
ISBN: 978-1-57379-296-7 (Book)


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