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Essentials Series 3: Digging Into HighScope Resources


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Course Dates: May 16 – June 12, 2022
Registration Deadline; April 25, 2022

Interested in learning more about the HighScope Preschool Curriculum and the related Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs)? This online course will teach you how to use the HighScope resource, Essentials of Active Learning in Preschool by Ann S. Epstein, so it does not just collect dust on your bookshelf.

Essentials: Series 3 will focus on the following KDI content categories:

  • Mathematics
  • Creative Arts
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies

Participants will learn what type of learning takes place for children in each of these KDI content categories and what kinds of support strategies can be used for each KDI within the preschool classroom. Each week, participants will complete chapter readings, “Check My Understanding” questions, discussion forums, and Zoom call meetings with peers and facilitators. Connecting with teachers and other early childhood professionals to discuss the basic principles of the HighScope Curriculum and share implementation ideas will be a focused mode of learning for participants.

For this course, you will need a computer with internet access and the ability to listen to audio either through internal or external computer speakers. You will also need the capability to participate in weekly Zoom calls, either via the Zoom app or via the Zoom website ( To participate fully in the weekly Zoom calls, you will need microphone capabilities through an internal or external computer microphone or telephone. If you want your peers and facilitator(s) to see you during these calls, you can use your computer’s built-in camera or another video device (e.g., external webcam); or, you can use your mobile device.

Important Information…

  • Course Registration closes April 25, 2022.  Late registrations cannot be accepted.
  • If paying by PO, please complete online registration for all of your participants, and send in a copy of your web order with your PO to [email protected]
  • Participants will receive their welcome email with login instructions 1-2 days before class starts.
  • Participants need to provide a current email address for course communication.
  • HighScope will grant a refund (minus the cost of student materials) to participants only if they withdraw from the course before it begins. To withdraw from the course, participants must send a cancellation email to [email protected] prior to the course’s start.
  • This course if 5 weeks long, first week is Welcome Week.