Suzanne Gainsley

Early Childhood Applied Practice Manager

800.587.5639 Ext 211

[email protected]

Suzanne Gainsley is an Early Childhood Applied Practice Manager at the HighScope Educational Research Foundation. Also a HighScope certified trainer and teacher, she first began teaching at the HighScope Demonstration Preschool in 1998. She has also worked with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school children in various settings as a teacher, parent, and volunteer. Gainsley is the author of From Message to Meaning: Using a Daily Message Board in the Preschool Classroom; coauthor of “I’m Older Than You. I’m Five!” Math in the Preschool Classroom and 50 Large-Group Activities for Active Learners; coauthor of Preschool Activities for Family Child Care and Activities for Home Visits: Partnering with Preschool Families; and a contributing writer for Small-Group Times to Scaffold Early Learning.