Beth A. Hardin

Research Coordinator

800.587.5639 Ext 246

[email protected]

As a Research Coordinator in Research Evaluation and Development (RED), most of the work Ms. Hardin focuses on revolves around organizing data collections from start (planning and creating timelines) to finish (data ready for analysis) to provide the data needed for impactful reporting. Ms. Hardin worked with the evaluations of Michigan’s Great Start Readiness Program, Early Learning Network Collaboration (ELNC), Great Start to Quality Validation and currently, with Flint Educare in partnership with American Institutes for Research. Since starting at HighScope in 1998, she contributed to the advancement of many other projects including COR Advantage, COR for K, Family Child Care PQA, GSRP Cost-Benefit Analysis, Numbers Plus, PQA-R, Ready Schools Assessment and Classroom Coach. Beth is trained and reliable in child assessments including Minnesota Executive Functioning Scale (MEFS), Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-4 (PPVT-4), Preschool Language Scale-5 (PLS-5), and Woodcock-Johnson IV. She is certified in classroom observations, including Pre-K CLASS and ITERS-3. Beth completed an MA in educational leadership and a BA in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University.


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