Preschool PQA-R

HighScope is replacing Preschool PQA with Preschool PQA-R for use as a global observation measure.

HighScope’s current preschool program quality assessment, known as the PQA, has been updated and revised for the 2019 school year. The revised version provides a comprehensive assessment of preschool classroom quality that offers useful information to inform program improvements, guide teacher training, and increase student outcomes. The new PQA-R includes items for family engagement, literacy, math, and more. It also includes a materials checklist to help collect information about classroom materials. The PQA-R is shorter and easier to use than the former PQA and is available for preschool classrooms.

The Preschool PQA-R provides:

  • A comprehensive assessment of preschool classroom quality to inform program improvements
  • Guidance for teacher training and increased student outcomes
  • Items for family engagement, literacy, math, and more
  • A materials checklist to help collect information about classroom materials

Why is it changing?

The PQA-R reflects new science about learning with new observation and checklist sections. The PQA-R is an evaluation tool that assesses basic quality of any program and is compatible with most curricula.

What will the new PQA-R do?

Preschool PQA-R will assess physical aspects, learning opportunities, and adult-child interactions in programs and classrooms. It will provide a valid and reliable assessment for use in diverse early childhood education environments.


When is the change happening?

The PQA-R replaced the Preschool PQA in June 2019. A HighScope Preschool Curriculum Fidelity Tool is under development and will be available at a later date.

Not a preschool? The Infant-Toddler PQA and Family Child Care PQA will remain the same.

Professional Learning

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Proven valid and reliable.

PQA is a reliable, scientifically validated assessment that reflects research-based, field-tested best practices in early childhood education. The PQA can be used with any performance standards, including the Head Start Program Performance Standards, and as a basis for program accreditation, reporting, monitoring, and professional learning.

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