Ohio Step Up To Quality!

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) has selected HighScope as their Step Up To Quality curriculum and assessment partner. 

Approved Curriculum Resources

Transform your classroom into an engaging, active learning environment where your children thrive. Research-based and child-focused, the HighScope Curriculum is carefully designed to achieve powerful, positive results. Our resources will support you as you scaffold children’s learning and development, and encourage young children's interests and explorations.

Tender Care and Early Learning: Supporting Infants and Toddlers in Child Care Settings 

This manual provides both a rationale and specific strategies for each part of the HighScope Infant-Toddler Curriculum.
Available in English and Spanish.

Essentials of Active Learning in Preschool: Getting to Know the HighScope Curriculum

Reflecting the most up-to-date research on child development and effective teaching practices, this practical guide presents a comprehensive and user-friendly introduction to the HighScope Preschool Curriculum.
Available in English and Spanish.


Approved Child Assessment

COR Advantage is designed for teacher and child success. Based on 36 items that are proven by research to best prepare children for later schooling, COR Advantage has the fewest items of any early childhood assessment, keeping the instructional day focused on what is most important, including children’s own interests and explorations.

COR Advantage is criterion-referenced, research-based, and proven valid and reliable through rigorous validation studies. COR can be used with children birth to age six — including children who are English Language Learners and those with special needs.

Implement With Confidence

Our professional learning courses prepare you to implement with confidence from day one. You will receive in-depth guidance on HighScope’s Curricula and child assessment to ensure that you return to your classroom with inspiring ideas and strategies that you can immediately put to use. 

We recommend the following online courses.

COR Advantage Four-Week Online Course

This four-week online course is led by one of HighScope's supportive and experienced instructors. Through video clips and expert instruction, participants learn how to write complete and objective anecdotes and score them accurately, how to identify COR Advantage categories and items, and how to share the Your Child's Developmental Report with families. An inter-rater reliability test is included. Participants who sign up for this course will also receive access to COR Advantage's self-paced training modules.

Creating Meaningful Preschool Lesson Plans

Lesson planning is a critical component in supporting children's learning and development. This workshop will help you to learn how to plan appropriate activities based on curriculum content, child development, and children's interests. You will learn how to plan for each segment of the daily routine. This course includes one welcome week and three weeks of instruction.

How to Support Active Learning at Work Time

In a HighScope classroom, work time the "do" part of plan-do-review is when children carry out their plans, play, and solve problems. In this workshop you will learn:

  • The "basics" of work time, including work time "dos and don'ts
  • That work time is a time for active learning
  • What children do at work time, including the four types of play they engage in
  • How adults support children at work time, including strategies for supporting and scaffolding children's learning
  • This course includes one welcome week and three weeks of instruction

Intentional Lesson Planning for Infants and Toddlers

This four-week online course introduces you to HighScope lesson planning for infants and toddlers.
You'll learn how to: 

  • Create plans by looking at curriculum content as well as your children's development and interests
  • Scaffold children's learning as part of lesson planning
  • Include parents in the planning process
  • Develop lesson plans as a team

You will leave this course with your own lesson plan, plus the skills – and confidence – to intentionally plan for infants and toddlers.

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As a reminder — The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) is purchasing one curriculum book per age group per provider. Additional curriculum books will be purchased as needed by the provider. ODJFS will also purchase child assessment and assessment training for designated providers; however the details have not yet been released. For more information about the Step up To Quality (SUTQ) grant, please contact the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) at 877.302.2347 or [email protected].