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Models of Early Childhood

Analyzing Preschool Models: The HighScope Models Study

This HighScope study reviewd the documentation, validation, and dissemination status of six popular curriculum-based approaches to early childhood education: the Montessori method, the Bank Street Developmental-Interaction approach, the HighScope Curriculum, the Kamii-DeVries constructivist approach, the Teaching Strategies' Creative Curriculum, and the Direct Instruction model.

Study Findings

Curriculum models are essential to providing high-quality programs for children and effective teacher-training for adults.

  Project staff systematically and objectively compared how the various models view children's development and translate these underlying beliefs into practice. The study looked closely at the teacher-training methods used by proponents of each model, as well as how widely the model developers have disseminated their approaches. The study also examined how proponents of each model validate their approach through systematic research.

This study continues a tradition of comparative examination of curriculum  models that was begun in the 1960s, when the early childhood field first sought to make informed choices about appropriate and effective programs. The results of the study make a strong case for the view that curriculum models are essential to providing hgih-quality programs for children and effective teacher-training for adults.