Letter Links

LetterLinks LogoLetter Links is a literacy learning tool that builds on children’s natural interest in reading and writing their own names. Each child’s name is paired with an image for a word that has the same first sound as his or her name — the name and image together are called a letter link. As they use letter links throughout the classroom day, children learn the alphabetic principle and develop phonological awareness and other literacy abilities.

What Is a Letter Link?

A child's letter link consists of two elements: the child's printed name plus a picture for a word that starts with the same letter and sound. For example, Charlie's letter link consists of his name plus a picture of a chair, and Maya's includes her name plus a picture of a mitten.

Letter links can be used by children and teachers in many ways: to label children’s artwork and belongings in the classroom; to identify children in classroom signs, lists, and messages; and to create fun and engaging classroom literacy activities.

The Letter Links name-learning system enables you to introduce your students to letter names and sounds. As children use letter links to identify themselves and their classmates, they begin to develop an understanding of the alphabetic principle — the concept that alphabet letters and the sounds of speech are connected. Children also build phonological awareness — the ability to attend to the sounds of language as distinct from its meaning.

As a supplement to the Letter Links Online subscription, HighScope also offers Letter Links: Alphabet Learning With Children’s Names, by Dr. Andrea DeBruin-Parecki and Mary Hohmann, the Spanish version, Enlaces de letras: Aprendizaje del alfabeto con los nombres de los niños, and Infant-Toddler Letter Links: Children's Names as Environmental Print by Christine Snyder to help teachers and caregivers understand how letter links can be used to build early literacy skills.



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LetterLinks Logo Letter Links Online Subscription

The online Letter Links subscription includes numerous tools to help teachers make the Letter Links experience even more effective. Individual, renewable two-year subscription for each classroom.

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