Sessions Available!

A list of sessions, descriptions, and presenters is now available in the Registration Form — simply scroll down and click any session title to view the session descriptions. Details will be displayed in a popup box. You do not need to complete the registration form to view the session descriptions.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

HighScope CEUs will be awarded to all participants who attend this year’s conference. To receive this credit, simply attend your scheduled sessions. We will handle the rest by adding the 2021 HighScope International Conference to your HighScope transcript.

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)

Eligible Michigan residents can earn SCECHs depending on the number of sessions they attend during the 2021 HighScope International Conference. To receive your SCECHs, follow these three steps:

  1. Complete a SCECH Participant Information and Registration Form. Fill out your personal information as well as your PIC. Form will be available soon.
  2. Attend your selected sessions,* and keep track of the sessions you attend.
  3. Turn in your completed form. Forms will not be accepted after midnight on Friday, June 18, 2021.

* The number of SCECHs awarded depends on the number of sessions you attend. You must attend a minimum of 1 content hour.

Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance can be downloaded from the virtual conference platform.

Countdown to the 2021 HighScope International Conference