Embracing the power of play.

Because success in the classroom depends on how well you’re prepared for success, we don't just provide what to teach — we focus on how to teach children in a way that engages interest, ignites exploration, and encourages creativity. That’s why we offer The Active Learner, HighScope’s journal for early educators. It’s filled with high-quality content from experts in the field of early education to support you in the classroom and in your professional development. 

What’s inside?

  • Engaging young children in math learning — playfully
  • Adult-child interactions that develop writing skills
  • Helping young children channel their energy
  • Strategies for supporting dual language learners
  • Tips for strengthening partnerships with families
  • Activity: Engaging families in learning

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Turning conflict into opportunity.

Looking for a little extra support resolving conflicts in your classroom? Try changing your mindset from solving problems for children to helping children learn how to successfully resolve their own conflicts.

Learning how to find solutions that work for everyone is an important learning experience for young children. By modeling HighScope’s six steps in conflict mediation, you will begin to support and develop children’s ability to problem-solve. With repeated practice, children start to engage in the conflict mediation process independently. You will notice children regulating their emotions, articulating their perspectives, listening to others, breaking down complex situations, thinking creatively, and collaborating to follow through with a solution that works for everyone.

Download this FREE printable of HighScope's simple six-step mediation process to help the children in your classroom develop skills for successful conflict resolution that they can rely on throughout their lives.


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