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Head Start FACES

Longitudinal Data About Head Start Children

The Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES), which began in 1997, is a longitudinal study of four nationally representative cohorts of Head Start children. FACES collects data about child outcomes and their relationship to family and Head Start program characteristics.

HighScope and Head Start Faces

Released in May 2003, The Head Start FACES 2000: A Whole-Child Perspective on Program Performance provides specific information and analyses about the use of curricula (including HighScope) and program quality as it relates to child outcomes. This work demonstrates higher quality in Head Start programs using the HighScope Curriculum and a connection between quality, HighScope and child outcomes as specifically noted in the report:

Children in Head Start programs using HighScope showed larger fall-spring gains in letter identification and cooperative classroom behaviors than children in programs using other curricula. Children in programs using HighScope also showed greater improvemnet in total behavior problems and hyperactive problem behavior (Chapter V).

Below are links to the full report and chapters related to the HighScope Curriculum:

  • The Head Start FACES 2000: A Whole-Child Perspective on Program Performance, Fourth Progress Report
  • Chapter III: Relationship Between Curricula and Family, Program, and Classroom Characteristics - Page 33
  • Development in Head Start Chapter V: Relationship of Program and Classroom Characteristics to Children's Cognitive Gains and Social - Page 61