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A smooth transition

For kindergarten and early elementary students, our classrooms provide a smooth transition from early childhood programs, support an enthusiasm for learning that carries throughout the school years, and help develop problem-solving skills that last for a lifetime. We set children up for years of productive work, good citizenship, and meaningful relationships.

Classrooms using HighScope's elementary learning curriculum are based on decades of research. Supportive teachers guide children in setting goals and learning through first-hand experiences. Elements of the curriculum are intertwined to create a seamless, authentic educational experience from preschool through the elementary grades.


First Last

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In HighScope classrooms, caregivers:

  • Build strong connections with families
  • Partner with families to support children's learning through home visits and parent-teacher conferences
  • Help family members extend learning to the home through partner meetings and the Family Network, a parent website
  • Share their observations about children's development with families and discuss ways to work together to achieve common goals

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