Research Proven and Supported

COR for Kindergarten has been validated as an effective tool that meets all of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing approved as American Psychological Association (APA) policy by the APA Council of Representatives in 2013. Download the Technical Report of the COR for Kindergarten Validation Study pdf to learn more. The research foundation that informed the development of COR for Kindergarten ensures that the domains and items included in the assessment are the most important indicators of school readiness and future school success. Download the Research Foundation: COR for Kindergarten Assessment System pdf to learn more. 

Alignment and Test Blueprint

COR for Kindergarten is aligned to national preschool standards and national standards for kindergarten for literacy and mathematics. Download the COR for Kindergarten Alignment with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) pdf to learn more. COR for Kindergarten’s test blueprint clearly shows which items in each domain are in the Kindergarten Entry Record, Ongoing Record, and Progress monitoring record. Download the COR for Kindergarten Test Blueprint pdf to learn more.


COR for Kindergarten is provided through our online.ker website only. The website is easy to enter and easy to use. Everything needed to assess students is included on the website from basic training to advanced reporting.


COR for Kindergarten is a powerful tool that allows you to easily and automatically create reports on children’s development with just a few keystrokes. Child reports let you monitor progress in each of the COR for Kindergarten domains and track growth across multiple time periods. COR for Kindergarten measures school readiness, as well as help teachers identify, monitor, and document children’s growth throughout the school year. The parent reports provide parents with information they can use to make decisions about their children’s education. Administrators have access to comprehensive reporting options to guide program planning and staff development. All reports can be rendered into PDFs and printed.

Using Data to Inform Instruction

When teachers use both assessments and the progress-monitoring tools, they get a comprehensive view of what each child knows and is able to do at kindergarten entry and throughout the school year. The teachers can use the information they collect to inform instruction for individual students as well as small- and whole-group instruction. Teachers can detect learning problems early and quickly and provide interventions that they can use to monitor children’s progress and determine if the intervention is working as expected. Knowing where each child is on the developmental progression, for key indicators in the domains crucial for future school success, is fundamental to understanding how to support each child’s learning and development.

Training Courses

HighScope offers basic online training for COR for Kindergarten that is included in the subscription purchase, see online training details below. We also offer on-site training upon request. Because of its hands-on, active learning style, the on-site training is equally successful with teachers who are new to authentic child assessment procedures, and those experienced with authentic assessment systems. Email [email protected] to schedule an in-person training. Download the Teacher Training Guide – Self-paced pdf to learn more.


COR for Kindergarten is available online only. Interested in enrolling? View our subscription to find out how. To learn more, here is the pricing guide.


Visit our FAQ page for the questions we hear most often. Download the COR for Kindergarten flyer to learn more