Results you can trust. That's the COR Advantage.

Designed for your success, COR Advantage applies Plan-Do-Review to the assessment cycle to support teachers through every step of the assessment process. With a structure that leaves nothing to chance, teachers and administrators can meaningfully guide each child's individual development. 

Plan. Do. Review.

Three steps to successful assessment.

Plan-Do-Review is a defining part of the daily routine in HighScope programs and is also the strategic backbone for how children and adults move successfully through life.


Teachers prepare for each child's individual success with intentional planning. They regularly examine children's data in COR's online reports and portfolios, monitor changes and progress in children's development, and then structure individual and group daily plans using COR's integrated planning tool. 


Do is teachers in action in the classroom — observing children, recording their progress with anecdotes and photos, and offering engaging learning experiences to support each child's unique needs.


Review is when teachers reflect on their observations and evaluate children's progress. COR Advantage's detailed levels and examples support teachers as they score anecdotes; and the comprehensive reports help users to share progress with stakeholders. 

Proven valid and reliable.

COR Advantage is an ongoing, authentic, child assessment tool that assists teachers in supporting children at every developmental level from birth-through-age 5. Criterion-referenced and research-based COR Advantage has been proven valid and reliable through rigorous validation studies and can be used with any developmentally appropriate curriculum.

COR Advantage is based upon 36 items that are proven by research to prepare children for school success. 34 items address the 8 major areas of growth and development, and 2 additional items are specifically designed to support English Language Learning. Because COR Advantage focuses on development rather than age, it is appropriate for children with special needs.

COR Advantage's 8 Categories:

  1. Approaches to Learning
  2. Social and Emotional Development
  3. Physical Development and Health
  4. Language, Literacy, and Communication
  5. Mathematics
  6. Creative Arts
  7. Science and Technology
  8. Social Studies

COR Advantage is aligned to the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, Common Core State Standards, and early learning state standards.


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