The Playground

Helping Families Continue Active Learning at Home

By Tara Baliat

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How do I keep children engaged in active learning at home?

At HighScope, we view families as our valued partners and we strive to collaborate with them to promote optimal learning and development for their children outside of the classroom. During this uncertain time, we want to support educators and families, not overwhelm them. This is why we’ve curated our best “at-home” activities, strategies, and resources to give you a practical way to keep children engaged in active learning at home.

What you’ll find:


Download step-by-step activities to extend early learning at home.

  • Activities for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers
  • Lessons that support specific curriculum content areas
  • Age-appropriate music you can stream to support children’s movement


Easily integrate learning into every day play with strategies that support

  • Effective adult-child interactions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Reading with children
  • Self-care routines
  • Transition times and more!


A variety of ready-to-use resources provides age-appropriate learning materials. Includes:

  • Mealtime conversation starters
  • Big Beats for Young Peeps
  • Recorded webinars


Stay connected with children and families by sharing these “at-home” resources.