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HighScope has enjoyed a longstanding international reputation in the field of early childhood education. Since 1970 we have been a leader in preschool and more recently infant and toddler education and teacher training both nationally and internationally. We offer three rigorous certification programs for preschool and/or infant and toddler that will help you achieve the highest level of excellence for you and/or your program.

As a HighScope Certified Preschool or Infant and Toddler Teacher, others will know that you have achieved a professional standard that will result in superior outcomes for the children you serve. They will know that your implementation of the highly respected Preschool and Infant and Toddler HighScope Curriculum has passed rigorous review and you have achieved excellence.

As a HighScope Certified Preschool and/or Infant and Toddler Trainer, you will be able to provide ongoing training and coaching to teachers in the implementation of the HighScope Curriculum (Preschool and/or Infant-Toddler) and child development. You will help prepare and recommend teachers for certification, work effectively with agency administrators to secure support for program operations, and assess the fidelity of curriculum implementation and its enhancement of children's developmental outcomes.

As a HighScope Preschool and/or Infant and Toddler Accredited Program, you are telling the community that you have put time, effort, and money into making sure that your program is of the highest quality and is a place where children will experience consistent, effective learning experiences with supportive adults who will help them make sense of their world and better prepare them for school and beyond. It will be an indication to families in your community that you strive for professional excellence and deliver on your promise of a high-quality experience for all the children and families you serve.

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