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We are dedicated to high-quality, equitable early childhood education.

At HighScope, we believe that every child deserves a high-quality, equitable early childhood education. This conviction for equity is at the center of our early childhood research and practices. We are dedicated to providing high-quality early childhood education that supports every child and every community.

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HighScope has worked for over 50 years to build strong instructional leaders across the globe. HighScope classrooms can be found in all 50 states and 12 countries around the world. Click below to find where HighScope representatives or classrooms are located near you.

Our curriculum is grounded in research and centered around active learning

Our Infant-Toddler and our Preschool Curriculum create continuity in high-quality early childhood practices for educators of children birth through age five. Our curriculum resources are thoughtfully designed to empower early educators and ensure optimal child development, growth, and learning. Research shows that high-quality early childhood education has lasting positive outcomes. Our curriculum approach, based on the concept of active learning, leads to a positive impact on children’s success in school and in life.


Our observation-based assessment tools are streamlined for teacher and child success

Our child, classroom, and program assessment tools are designed by experts and based in research done in the field in collaboration with practitioners. Compiled, a collection of evidence shows a more complete picture of child, classroom, and program development. Authentic, observation-based assessment provides educators information for teacher improvement, school readiness, and child growth. Through anecdotal evidence, we are provided a more accurate picture of child development, classroom climate, and effective school practices. Each of our assessment tools include highly-effective strategies to support student, teacher, and program growth.

professional learning

Our professional learning courses build strong instructional leaders

Our professional learning courses are designed and facilitated by HighScope experts to empower educators in the use of high-quality, equitable early childhood practices. With active learning in mind, our instructors provide expert guidance that focuses on practical application in real-world settings to help teachers gain proficiency in the principles and practices of active learning and facilitating an inclusive approach to support all children’s individual needs and interests. We strive to meet the scheduling needs of all educators and programs by offering high-quality professional learning opportunities both in-person and online.

HighScope is on a mission to close the opportunity gap through high-quality early childhood education.

longitudinal research PROJECT

Perry Preschool Study

HighScope’s Perry Preschool Study was a landmark study implemented under the visionary research guidance of psychologist David Weikart in partnership with Perry Elementary School principal Charles Eugene Beatty. The Perry Study forever changed the trajectory of early education and led to a longitudinal study as we continue to follow the Perry Preschool participants throughout their lives.

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Perry Preschool Study

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