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Customized Training

Customized Training Solutions to Meeting Your Needs

Children are unique individuals, the product of different experiences and different needs. Likewise, educational programs that serve children are also unique and may have highly specific needs. If you have requirements not satisfied by our standard training programs, our Educational Services staff will work with you to conduct an assessment of your program's needs. We will then create a customized, affordable training program aligned with your goals. Customized workshops can be formatted for one, two, three, or more days, depending on your needs and your budget. Contact us for more details at training@highscope.org.

Observation and Feedback and Mentoring

Observation and feedback, following by mentoring is another way we can help with your professional learning needs. This process can be used to determine your team's strengths and weaknesses, and help you plan exactly what your team needs with regard to training. Or, it can be a follow-up for many customized training modules to take the training experience to the next step. These services provide a means to help classroom teachers receive constructive feed back, and then mentoring to help them improve their teaching skills. And, it can help program administrators to better understand their program's future professional development needs. Questions? Contact us and we will be happy to talk about how observation, feedback and mentoring can fit into your professional learning plans.


Webinars provide an excellent, low cost way to provide information or answer questions on very specific topics. Generally running from one to two hours, these live sessions are effective to introduce a topic, demonstrate one of our online systems, or provide a chance for you or your staff to get answers from our experts on specific questions or issues.

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Director of Educational Services
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