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Education Through Movement

Picture of Phyllis Weikart and training participants.The Education Through Movement program of the HighScope Foundation develops movement and music abilities while supporting the growth of academic skills. This program engages children through a movement-based active learning process that builds on children's natural ways of learning and leads to ownership of concepts from any curriculum area. Children use their bodies, voices, and minds to bring about important cognitive-motor connections for understanding.

The Education Through Movement teaching model may be used with students of all ages. In addition to working with early childhood and elementary teachers, our trainings and resources are also suitable for those working with teens, adults, and seniors.

A complete Folk Dance Curriculum and a Moving Toward Health initiative to help improve elementary students' fitness are two areas of specialized training and resources offered in Education Through Movement.


The Education Through Movement program is supported by extensive materials that include books with step-by-step guidelines, lesson plans, and compact discs with recorded instrumental music suitable for movement and dance activities.

Resources for the Folk Dance Program cover beginning and intermediate dances and include several books and compact disc recordings of exceptional quality, featuring folk music from around the world.

"What an incredible experience! As a result of my training in the Education Through Movement program, my preschoolers with special needs are learning the key experiences of movement, with regular classroom peers as their model."
— Linda Grimm,
Physical Therapist


The Education Through Movement training program provides teachers with effective classroom strategies to improve student performance in movement and music as well as other curriculum areas.

Training workshops and courses are available for teachers and curriculum specialists at all levels. This program is being used in early childhood centers, public schools, and senior fitness classes across the United States and in some foreign countries. Customized training can be arrange to meet the needs of any group.


The Education Through Movement program of the HighScope Foundation focuses on essential movement, music, and academic skills. Students will gain:

  • Thinking and language skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Attending and focusing abilities
  • Spatial awareness
  • Self-confidence
  • Physical coordination
  • Social skills

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